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Getting Prepared for your Guided Fly Fishing Trip

Wanderlust Fly Fishing wants to make sure that you can fully prepare yourself when you are planning your guided fly fishing trip with us in the gorgeous Washington landscape. You want to make sure that you have all of your travel plans in order to get to and from our site. If you are planning on staying the night or the weekend in the area we can recommend some great lodging, but this is not something that we provide and will be a separate cost.

You and all of your party will also need to acquire a Washington State fishing license to be able to fish while on the trip. If someone in the party is not wanting to fish and is just wanting to get outside with us, they will not require one.

guide navigating river

What We Provide

Wanderlust Fly Fishing is happy to help equip you and your friends with fly fishing equipment. We know that the hobby can get expensive when you first get involved so we will supply you with the following equipment:

  • A shuttle to the fishing starting point
  • Lunch is provided, but feel free to bring snacks
  • Fishing rods & reels (fly, spay and spinning rods)
  • Flies
  • Leader
  • Hooks
  • Drift boat or fly fishing raft
  • Your own expert fly fishing guide
fisherman proudly holds fish while standing in the river

What You Need to Bring

While Wanderlust Fly Fishing is providing most of the needed equipment for your expedition, there are a few things that you may want to think about packing and bringing with you. Here are some supplies not provided that may assist you and your party:

  • Rain Shell jacket
  • Wool socks
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Fishing gloves
  • Hand warmers
  • Sunscreen & lip balm
  • Hat
  • Camera

Contact Our Guides for More Details

These are fun and exciting trips, but we want you to feel fully prepared for the day. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about what gear to bring and what is already being provided. As much as we want you prepared we don’t want you to overpack for the trip.

If you have any questions about any other seasonal equipment or clothing to wear, please feel free to ask us questions when you are booking your trip. We are happy to help you get as prepared as possible for this fun adventure. Our hope is that you catch the fishing bug, and this becomes a new hobby for you and/or your family for years to come. Call us today to get your trip scheduled!

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