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Charter Guides for Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing

The Olympic Peninsula is home to some of the world’s best steelhead fly fishing. With its wide-spanning rivers, breathtaking views, and large hatcheries providing excellent fish, it’s no wonder why avid fishers flock here every season. The other great aspect of the Olympic Peninsula is it offers fly fishing opportunities year-round. Each season brings a new and exciting challenge. Call us today to schedule your next fly fishing guided tour!

man fly fishing

What Makes Fly Fishing Here So Special?

Steelhead trout constantly position themselves to hold in one place or look for a new spot to lay. It takes confidence, experience, knowledge, and patience to land them. Because most of the rivers in the Olympic Peninsula are larger and faster, we use plenty of weight to throw out line. Don’t fear, however, our team of expert guides will provide you with all the information you need to succeed and have fun. We’ll get out in nature and take in the calm and serene sights all while enjoying some serious fly fishing. This location is open every season, in which there are different fish and strategies to use.

The Rivers of The Olympic Peninsula

Hoh River

A large, glacier-fed river that holds native winter steelhead. In the fall, there’s plenty of salmon, but you can catch both steelhead and salmon any day of the year.

Calawah River

This small river with difficult rapids keeps the pressure lower, allowing for a good number of steelhead in the winter.

Sol Duc River

A larger version of Calawah, this river allows year-round fishing. With big rapids and a hatchery of coho salmon in the fall, steelhead in winter, chinook in the spring, and sockeye and silver salmon and cutthroat trout in summer, it’s a perfect river to fish.

Bogachiel River

Perfect for new fly fishers, this easy-to-float river hosts a hatchery of steelhead in the winter and summer seasons.

Queets River

Beautiful and scenic, the 50 miles of river cascading through the Olympic National Park is home to winter steelhead and char.

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