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Klickitat River Fly Fishing Guides

The Klickitat River is a Columbia River tributary with a fast-dropping flow, creating frequent rapids. In between the whitewater are pools and hangout spots perfect for fly fishing steelhead. This river is open at the beginning of June and goes through November. Steelhead average around 15 pounds in this river, making it a popular destination to fish. With a cool temperature throughout the summer and plenty of visibility, we’ll catch a good amount of fish on your trip. Call us today to book your guided fly fishing tour.

man and young boy fishing on a lake with their dog

How to Fish the Klickitat River

Traditionally, we will swing flies on the Klickitat River to catch steelhead in small, calm waters. The steelhead here are known to put up a fight, making for a more exhilarating fishing experience. Die-hard anglers flock to this river every early fall to fight fish getting up to 20 pounds. We’ve kept a close eye on this river to maintain our competitive edge and make sure your group is landing the most steelhead while having fun. We’ll take you out to some of the best swing water fishing spots in the country.

Aggressive and Sporting Steelhead

Because the Klickitat River winds back and forth through a canyon, there’s always an ideal spot out of the sun to throw some flies and catch steelhead. While there aren’t as many in population, the fish here are sporting, large, and aggressive, making for some great stories. We fish for quality over quantity here. Drift boat fly fishing is the most popular style on this river, and we’ll take you through it while you focus on having fun with your group. We include the boat, rods, flies, and knowledge to help you land more trout. If you’re interested, we also include wade fishing for a more relaxed approach. Contact us today for more information and book your tour.

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